Who vs. Whom

Very well done tutorial over at The Oatmeal.

Minnewaska & Friends

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From Minnewaska 2013

Geeks.com is no more…

I just learned of this. I’m sad to see it go. It was a fun site that I did business with a number of times over the years.


Rides week 35 & 36

I think from now on I’ll post rides in the subject of the week they occur.

Latest Rides

H2H Mountain Creek Race & Camp Gaw

Camp Gaw:

Mountain Creek Race:

Small Talk

From XKCD.

Recent Rides

We got lost this time on the north end of 119, made it back just before it got dark.

On this one I had major a chain slip an break resulting in broken spokes and a near crash.


You can learn about it here and here.

My address is: BM-2D7xmy5iPQdPb8fEqcksE8LkRLQDyFnwVZ

Recent Rides

Pleasant Valley on Saturday morning:

Sprain Ridge on Saturday afternoon:

Jeff took me to Campgaw on Thursday. This is his data: