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Michael this one is for you.

You are often asking about large amounts of storage, so you should enjoy THIS.

These got my attention today:

Wicked cool computer room. I want my own underground bunker.


You poor MSFT and IE users, when will you learn!?

And finally, this is funny if your a Debian fan:

Comic relief.

This cracked me up today.

Insurance Cover for accidents

Slip and fall accidents can accumulate an extensive amount of medical debt. Doctors, nurses, and other medical workers all need to be paid for their work, and this can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages, since is dangerous for people to fall in uneven surfaces, so getting the right legal help can be essential in these cases.

Liz Garbus, the president of National Nurses United, recently spoke to the Economic Policy Institute, where she highlighted the lack of funding nurses have available to take care of patients while they wait for a doctor’s appointment.

“After nearly 12 months on the job, I’m still waiting for proper-cost insurance to cover my treatment and just days away from my deductible for care that’s not covered,” Garbus said. “Nurses work unpaid shiftsa workweek that starts at dawn and ends at sundownso when the time comes to go home and rest, there’s no time to treat patients, care for the community, or look after our families. Many nurses are leaving their jobs, because there’s simply not enough funding to keep them there.”

Even those nurses who find jobs while they’re on the job will eventually face hardships as they continue to search for work.

While there are many parts of the U.S. that support nurses, the combination of high unemployment, low wages, and low income is preventing some nurses from obtaining new jobs. For instance, when nurses start working in a new state, they need to locate and secure affordable housing. But finding affordable housing in many parts of the U.S. can be difficult, if not impossible.

One health insurance company recently informed a nurse that she would not be able to join her colleagues at the job site as an alternative to the company paying for her housing, the National Nurses United website reported.

Yet more serious, the National Nurses United report also found that nurses have an equal number of complaints of unfair labor practices, wage theft, and discrimination against them and their co-workers as their counterparts in other professional fields.

According to the report, there were several studies that found nursing has the highest rate of wage theft and discrimination of all health care professions.

Not all nurses have the same job

“No matter what profession nurses have in the U.S., we are frequently faced with the same harsh working conditions and equally troubling treatment from patients, colleagues, and the public,” Liz Garbus said. “Our institutions do not always guarantee fair pay or working conditions to our nurses. The right to safe work is something our health care workers need, but only if we address the issues, not the symptoms.”

Nurses are also often singled out and discriminated against in many parts of the country. In fact, the lowest paid nurses have the highest poverty rate of all health care workers in the U.S., according to the report.

As the state and country is hurting financially, nurses have become a dime a dozen, just like fast food workers and airline pilots. It’s a sad reality that nurses are becoming the new construction workers.

Stolen Care

Risk factors for nursing theft are numerous and real. Nurses often go to work sick, but it often goes unnoticed because of the absence of a doctor. Some nurses, out of concern for their patient’s well-being, request extra time off to deal with urgent conditions. One nurse is seeking a complaint form to legally contest her unjustified termination, while another nurse was recently sent home after doing unpaid shifts, not for care, but for attending to a family emergency.

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