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Universal Stop/Start Kill Switch Installation

This is the second one of these that I have installed. The first was on my 2002 GSXR750 and this time it’s on my 2000 SV650. Both bikes are setup as track/race only and I only require the start and kill/run/don’t-run abilities of the wires in the bundle coming from the bike. During both installs I had the help of my garage therapist Theo. The first time installation on my 750 it seemed to be a breeze (thanks to Theo). Not so much on the SV but I don’t have the 750 anymore to make the comparison. It’s no different of an install but for some reason we didn’t get it right the first time and it was giving me fits. That’s the reason for this post. Hopefully, when someone needs to, they may find this and benefit. First tip: do not assume you have it right and then solder it all up nice and tidy and shrink-tube it before you know its proper. I did this and ended up having to cut it all apart and start over. The result of my doing it wrong was that the starter would run and the stop/run button worked fine, the bike would turn over and fire but would not run. After ruling out a number of other thing, we determined it had the be the wiring. So below is the proper configuration (using less wires than I originally was).

Switch Side:               < to >                Bike Side:

Black                                                     Orange/Black

Blue (either one) & Orange             Orange/White

Black/White                                         Yellow/Green


So on the switch side you will use 4 of the 6 wires. On the bike side you will use only 3. All other wires can be cut down or taped off.

And now I have a properly functioning kill/starter to compliment my racing throttle.