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Sysadmin Day

So today is Sysadmin Day.

I can relate:

michael@silverado:~$ uptime
12:44:30 up 597 days, 15:23

Europe 2014

Here are some of the over 3000 photos I took on our trip to Paris, Bayeux, Giverny, Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Positano, Sant’Agnello, Sorrento, Capri, Anacapri and Benevento.

Don Bosco Class of 2014

Tee Tee’s Video Production for Graduation.

Mike and Tori at Glen Rock Jr. Prom

Week 22 2014

Don Bosco Senior Prom 2014

Pics from the picture party before the prom.

Weeks 19 & 20 2014

RSP 5-18-2014

Rumble in the Jungle Race

RSP 5-12-2014

RSP 5-11-2014

Week 18 2014

Wawayanda Spring Cleaning Race 5-4-2014

Sprain Ridge 5-3-2014

Week 17 2014

Chain-stretcher at Blue Mountain 4-27

Jungle Habitat 4-23