Ramapo River

Peeking over a tree trunk.


This is a sailboat that I shot off the coast of Sorrento Italy.


I took a ride down to the park below the Palisades today after work. This is a panorama I took with my Fujifilm X100/T.
Here is the NJ side in color.
GWB Partial Color


A portrait of Mikey. I caught this while his brother and his girlfriend were making him laugh.
Here one with Tori added.

Weekend Shots

Some shots from Harriman and the Palisades Fair.



Old Rusty Things and an Experiment

We went for a walk around the Celery Farms (see the “Culture” section) this afternoon and came across this old tractor; it had steel tracks instead of wheels, a hand crank for a starter and this colorful rusty seat. We also saw a huge snapping turtle. I wonder if it was around when this tractor was running.


Then later Bradley and I spent some time experimenting and playing with the camera. Here is what he came up with:



I went for a short hike after work today and made some pictures. This is a waterfall at Ramapo Reservation. I photographed this about 25 years ago on b/w film with my AE/1, today on a 6D. This exposure is 70mm for 30 sec. at f/22 with an ND and polarizing filter.


FiOS Speed Upgrade

This has been a long overdue speed upgrade for the service at the office. We can get up to 500mbps at this location but in reality anything over 100mbps will require some expensive hardware upgrades. At this new 75/75 speed it almost matches the speed at the offsite backup servers so those jobs will run much faster.


Tour of the Battenkill 2015

Conditions were perfect. I was in significantly better shape and more well prepared this year. I improved my time by approximately 30 minutes. I’m looking forward to improving again next year, the goal is to be under 4 hours.

Pre-race antipication:
Last minute preparations:

Agoura Hills Cycle Camp 2015