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New and improved. Bigger wheels roll over things easier.

Yaw Paw & Bear Swamp Overlook


NYC Skyline from Ramapo Mountains

This was my view from the bike on Sunday morning.

Thanksgiving 2015

This is how it started:

It ended with too much pie and pumpkin roll.

Tour of the Battenkill 2015

Conditions were perfect. I was in significantly better shape and more well prepared this year. I improved my time by approximately 30 minutes. I’m looking forward to improving again next year, the goal is to be under 4 hours.

Pre-race antipication:
Last minute preparations:

Agoura Hills Cycle Camp 2015

Ride Update

Things are very busy. I have been getting in a fair amount of rides given the weather, construction at the house and things being very active at work. I think for now at least it will be most efficient if I just leave my ride data on Garmin Connect and refrain from embedding all the updates here on my blog. So if you want to see whats happeneing regarding my rides and fitness tracking you can do so at my Garmin Connect Page.

Ride Update

I’ve had a worn out heart rate monitor for some time so many of these show incomplete data. I just received a new one and it looks like its working well.

Recent rides…

Week 22 2014