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Week 47 2013

South County Trailway with Theo.

Week 46 2013

First ride on the Jamis 2009 Xenith I had built with all used parts.

An after work quickie.

Week 45 2013

Camp Gaw 11-9-13

Week 43 & 44 2013

After a 26 mile maiden voyage on a new road bike on Saturday, Jeff and I hit RSP on Sunday and did a rough bit of climbing.

Here is the 26 mi. with Theo. I didn’t use my Garmin for this ride, this is Theo’s data.

Week 42 2013

Weeks 40 & 41 2013

A nice long ride with Theo.

The Westchester Mountain Biking Association BBQ with Jeff.

Week 39 2013

Week 38 2013

Minnewaska & Friends

Click the pic for the full album.

From Minnewaska 2013

Rides week 35 & 36

I think from now on I’ll post rides in the subject of the week they occur.