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RSP with JRH #2

This time we added a section of single-track. Good workout today.


RSP with Jeanette

Jeanette recently expressed some interest in checking out this mountain-biking thing, so I took her to RSP today. She did great and braved some rocky down-hill sections that were pretty technically difficult for a noob. Nice job baby.


Ringwood State Park

This turned out to be a route with good variety of long uphill grades for good cardio with a variety of surfaces. Much of it was fire road and wide trail with the section coming up from Shepard Pond being a nice intermediate single track. I had to rest a few times and walk a little bit but I should be able to do this route non-stop without putting a foot down eventually. It is quick so going twice is a possibility too.

Ringwood State Park

Yesterdays ride in RSP.

Blue Mountain Reservation ride.

Today’s ride in Peekskill NY.

Sprain RidgePark

Yesterdays ride in Sprain Ridge Park.

Mountain Biking

In my recent efforts to increase my health and fitness levels I upgraded my mountain bike and put a Garmin 500 cycling computer on it. Here is the result of a quick workout Theo and I did in Morristown this morning.