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RSP 10-9-12

Good workout today. Finally back to 100% after a sinus infection.

RSP 9-22-12

This is Theo’s data from last week when we went to RSP.

RSP 9-20-12

Some more new trails.

Blue Mountain

Some new trails this time.

MTB Update

These are the last 5 rides I had stored in the Garmin. I’m starting to explore more of RSP but it’s hard to keep my bearings with all the leaves on the ground now.

Jacobsburg State Park

Theo, Chuck, Ellen and I spent a couple hours riding together today. It was a tough workout. We earned a nice dinner and ice-cream for desert.

Blue Mountain with Theo and Dan

RSP Again

I tried to make a non-stop run but I just wasn’t up to it yet. This includes a nice smooth section Theo and I found the last time we were here.

Blue Mountain and RSP

Blue Mountain Yesterday and RSP this morning.

Sprain Ridge Park

Sprain Ridge Park. I’m getting better at the obstacles.