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This is what I call the “ricrack”. It is our rack at work that runs the IT stuff for our business, this blog, a LUG meeting server and some other stuff. Below is a listing of the hardware I have in there.

1 XO 1.1Mb DSL line with 32 IP addresses.
1 Broadvoice T1 line with 6 IP addresses.
1 24 Port Cisco 3800XL managed switch with POE.
1 52 Port Netgear FSM7352S managed layer 3 switch running 4 vlans.
1 Sonic Wall SOHO 50 firewall.
1 SOEKRIS 4501 running Monowall as a firewall.
1 Dlink 8port KVM
1 1U Cobalt Raq3 as a web and mail server.
1 Cisco CSU/DSU/IAD Router
1 USR V.Everything serial modem for the Hylafax server.
1 Dell SC400 as an outgoing mail server, fax server and smap/virus scanner.
1 Dell 15in flat panel monitor
1 2U Supermicro SuperServer w/ 2x Quad Core 1.6Ghz Xeon’s with 4GB ram and U320 SCSI drives.
1 2U Supermicro SuperServer w/ 2x Quad Core 2.33Ghz Xeon’s with 8GB ram and SAS/SATA drives.
1 1U Dell 1420 server as a SMB/CIFS and secondary DNS server.
1 2U custom built Duron based server as an Asterisk PBX for Roebling Investment Company.
1 1U Tripp Lite UPS.
1 1U IBM NetFinity dual Xeon server for the LUG.
1 custom built 4way AMD tower running BSD as a DNS primary… (hosted for MO)
1 2U Tripp Lite UPS.
Behind the rack is a backup backup server in hot-stand-by mode in case of a primary failure.

This is a culmination over the last 6 years or so. There is no proprietary software at all running on any of these devices that I installed (the Cisco, Sonic Wall and I presume the Netgear devices run proprietary firmwares).

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