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Sysadmin Day

So today is Sysadmin Day.

I can relate:

michael@silverado:~$ uptime
12:44:30 up 597 days, 15:23


In his final act, a levitation from tragedy to comedy; a comic genius of his species tells his last joke.

Small Talk

From XKCD.

Feeling alright?

Can you relate?


Distro bash.

Linus has never been one to pull punches. In his recent Google+ post on OpenSuSE he is consistent and quite funny.

Whoever moron thought that it’s “good security” to require the root password for everyday things like this is mentally diseased.

So here’s a plea: if you have anything to do with security in a distro, and think that my kids… need to have the root password to access some wireless network, or to be able to print out a paper, or to change the date-and-time settings, please just kill yourself now. The world will be a better place.

Who’s your backdoor man?

It’s ugly and getting more so. Proof that you can only rely on yourself when it comes to your digital privacy and security. You must be the one in control if you will have a chance to protect yourself. Details here. And a /. post here. After you read that you may need some comic relief:

Todays funny.

I came across a website related to open code and information freedom and encountered this bio on one of the members of the organization. I’ve redacted their name because I don’t mean to poke fun at them personally. I just thought the bio was pretty funny in a what the heck does that even mean sort of way.

*REDACTED* is a strategic and conceptual advisor to *REDACTED*, helping to articulate an approach toward creative visualization and to evaluate and develop potential partners and engagements relative to that vision. *REDACTED* is a highly regarded experience designer and conceptual strategist, guiding the creative direction and vision of multiple successful endeavors

High diving horses.

I spent the evening with some friends yesterday and somehow the topic of diving horses came up. Well it was news to me. I had never heard of such a thing.

One of the better commercials on TV now.