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Week 11 2014

This is from the trip Theo and I took to Agoura Hills CA. as training for the upcoming bike season.

The group at Malibu Beach

Our bikes in the hills.


This is my Grandad, he is turning 93 in a few weeks. He just had carotid endarterectomy 12 hours before this picture and here he is anxiously awaiting discharge. He looks forward to every new day.

Happy Birthday to the WWW

The WWW turns 25. Thank you TimBL. It was created on this:


This was outside an ice rink in Jersey City, NJ. I was there watching my 14 year old son play a high school hockey game. I have two teenage children that have never used a payphone which seems strange because I used them regularly as a kid.


Foggy morning ride.

Then we got muddy.


In his final act, a levitation from tragedy to comedy; a comic genius of his species tells his last joke.


I went over to Theo’s for some garage therapy. We worked on stripping the frame of his 900SS Ducati for repairs. He has taken the bike from…

to this,

and this,

and this,

all so he could fix this.

I suggested this instead,

but he insisted on a more “upscale” repair ;-).

Week 47 2013

South County Trailway with Theo.

Week 46 2013

First ride on the Jamis 2009 Xenith I had built with all used parts.

An after work quickie.

Week 45 2013

Camp Gaw 11-9-13