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Motorcycle trip 2005

I know it’s not as exciting as current events but like I mentioned previously, it is therapeutic for me to reminisce on these trips during the cold and icy winter months.

This one was from back in May of 2005. We began in Las Vegas again and headed to the Grand Canyon, we then went through Bryce Canyon and Arches NP. We spent a good deal of time on Southern Utah. Utah is spectacular. There were times we went from high elevation covered in snow caps to lush green valleys and farmland to such striking desert landscapes that made me feel like we were on the moon. One evening we had a great dinner at Rays Tavern in Green River and decided to press on to Moab to stay the night there. Then once we got to Moab we had a miserable time trying to get a place to stay for the night because the entire town was booked with a 4×4 rally. We finally found a room at the Red Cliffs Lodge about 20mi north of town well after 1:00am. The drive up to the lodge was daunting, in the pitch dark on a twisty valley road, it was cool and there was a sense that the river was at our side the entire time but we couldn’t see it. It would have been a nice place to spend some time. We woke up to a fantastic view of the red cliffs on one side and the Colorado River in full spring swell outside our back door. I remember having a great breakfast in the old town jailhouse (Jailhouse Cafe) in Moab then heading to Arches NP. This trip will always stick in my mind out for the surprising beauty and landscape variety that Utah offered and the fact that we had perfect weather the whole time.


Motorcycle Trip 2008

My good friend Mike Brown and I have done a number of motorcycle trips together in years past. This is the time of year that I reflect on those experiences and gain some escape from the cold and snow here in the north east. They were all trips of a lifetime. I will attempt to get them all posted here eventually. This post highlights the trip from 2008.

These are some memories of our trip from 2008 which took us through the Grand Canyon, Telluride Colorado, Southern Utah and Lake Powell, the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona and Past the VLA in New Mexico.

We hit quite a snowstorm atop the pass from Show Low to Globe in AZ., the kind where you know your fate is no longer in your hands. I don’t know how we made it.


The only way to fly.

Motorcyclists don’t need to explain to anyone why they ride.

Quote for the day.

You can live to be a hundred if you give up all the things that make you want to live to be a hundred.

Woody Allen

Final CCS NJMP series results.

Here are my final results for the CCS NJMP Series at NJMP. Next season should start in April.
Sunset over Lightning.

Race season is over.

This is the sunrise over our last weekend of CCS racing at the NJMP CCS this season. We entered the weekend with the prospect of wet racing on Sunday based on the weather forecast. Sunday was indeed wet in the morning hours but by the afternoon things dried up and we had a very gripy, clean track surface. Lucky for me my races were both in the afternoon on Sunday. I posted my best race pace in the HWSS at 1:12.067 and placed 5th. and then went 2 seconds slower and took 9th in the HWSB race later in the day. Saturday was beautiful weather and the F40 race was a blast (see video below). I took 6th after a four-way battle for 4th that lasted all 8 laps and ended with the four of us within about .5 seconds of each other at the line. I’ll post my final standings as soon as CCS makes the updates.


F40 Race at Lightning. Last round for NJMP CCS of 2010.

Two Triumphs.

Theo and I went for a ride to the usual places a short while back and he had his camera with him. We tried to get creative. I like the color saturation on this one:

CCS race results for July

Here are my results for the CCS races in July at Thunderbolt. This weekend was exceptionally hot, so much so that I contemplated quitting during the 25 minute GTO race but just as I was about to give up we got the white flag, I took 6th in that one. Track temperatures reached 140° which made for greasy conditions. I think 3 of the 4 races I ran were red-flagged requiring a restart. We ended Sunday early with a world class thunderstorm. We got soaked which was actually refreshing after all the heat. It’s not fun trying to sleep in a tent when its almost 90° at 8PM. The next round is in September.

Home away from home.

A moto first for me.

This unfortunate equipment failure occurred yesterday at the track. I have never seen an exhaust can burn up like this. I apologize to my fellow riders who had to endure the apparently hideous odor it produced.

CCS Race results for June

Here are my results for the CCS races in June at Lightning. I got my first podium in the Formula 40 race. I will be doing the same 6 races on Thunderbolt later this month.