Race season is over.

This is the sunrise over our last weekend of CCS racing at the NJMP CCS this season. We entered the weekend with the prospect of wet racing on Sunday based on the weather forecast. Sunday was indeed wet in the morning hours but by the afternoon things dried up and we had a very gripy, clean track surface. Lucky for me my races were both in the afternoon on Sunday. I posted my best race pace in the HWSS at 1:12.067 and placed 5th. and then went 2 seconds slower and took 9th in the HWSB race later in the day. Saturday was beautiful weather and the F40 race was a blast (see video below). I took 6th after a four-way battle for 4th that lasted all 8 laps and ended with the four of us within about .5 seconds of each other at the line. I’ll post my final standings as soon as CCS makes the updates.


F40 Race at Lightning. Last round for NJMP CCS of 2010.

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