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Foggy morning ride.

Then we got muddy.


I went over to Theo’s for some garage therapy. We worked on stripping the frame of his 900SS Ducati for repairs. He has taken the bike from…

to this,

and this,

and this,

all so he could fix this.

I suggested this instead,

but he insisted on a more “upscale” repair ;-).

Week 47 2013

South County Trailway with Theo.

Week 45 2013

Camp Gaw 11-9-13

Week 43 & 44 2013

After a 26 mile maiden voyage on a new road bike on Saturday, Jeff and I hit RSP on Sunday and did a rough bit of climbing.

Here is the 26 mi. with Theo. I didn’t use my Garmin for this ride, this is Theo’s data.

Weeks 40 & 41 2013

A nice long ride with Theo.

The Westchester Mountain Biking Association BBQ with Jeff.

Week 39 2013

Minnewaska & Friends

Click the pic for the full album.

From Minnewaska 2013

Rides week 35 & 36

I think from now on I’ll post rides in the subject of the week they occur.

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