Trackdays with TPM

With race season being over and some good weather left in autumn we headed down to NJMP again for a trackday weekend. Theo and I both arrived early Saturday morning instead of Friday night. The ride down was smooth and quick and so was pit setup. The morning was cool and the skies were clear. We both sat out the first session while the other groups warmed up the track for us. John and Justin were pitted next to us and Hunter was just a few doors down. As a special treat our friends Chuck and Ellen came to visit for the day. Saturday was a great day of riding and visiting with friends. Other than tearing up a tire (video below) in one day we had at least 5 incident free sessions before we retired to an early dinner at the Old Oar House Irish Pub. It was a fitting end to the day. Back at camp we downloaded the MotoGP qualifying session and watched the professionals for a while. We both slept like babies until about 6:25am when someones car alarm repeatedly went-off and woke me early. I let Theo sleep past 8:00am. Another friend of ours, Todd, arived Sunday morning and set up across from us. He is a fellow CCS racer. John and Hunter stayed for Sunday as well so we had another day of good company in addition to good riding. At one point early in the day my throttle housing spun on my handle bar causing the cable to impede my brake lever. The result was a pucker inducing runoff in T1 due to having only about half my usual braking power. Moments like those really remind you of the importance of careful bike preparation and maintenance. It was a simple 10 minute fix for a situation I will make sure never happens again. We ended Sunday a session early too. We were spent. Going fast on a motorcycle while exhausted is not advisable. I’m getting wise enough to know when to call it quits. So, back to the Oar House for dinner. The trip home was going great until I witnessed a hit and run accident on the NJTP between a semi and a small SUV. It happened right in front of me. I followed the truck for about 10 miles and finally, he pulled over in a diner where I was finally able to get the police involved. I hope the people in the car are ok. There was no doubt in my mind that they would be helped by other motorists as the traffic was heavy so I wanted to make sure they had a chance at some justice against the other driver. I hope it works out for them. So it seems the track action is officially over unless we get lucky and can go in November.

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