Cloud here, cloud there…

You just cant get away from it these days. It is a constant tech media darling and every major tech service company is getting on board. I’m not necessarily completely against the concept but you must educate yourself on the terms of your service and what they really mean when participating. Be careful, the internet can be a dangerous place and I fear the “cloud” can be worse.

I came across a blog post this morning regarding the “cloud“. Admittedly, I didn’t read the whole post but I liked this comment by Jason Scott:

By the cloud, of course, I mean this idea that you have a local machine, a box running some OS, and a vital, distinct part of what you do and what you’re about or what you consider important to you is on other machines that you don’t run, don’t control, don’t buy, don’t administrate, and don’t really understand. These machines are connected via the internet, and if you have a company then these other machines are not machines run by your company, and if you’re a person they are giving it to you without you signing anything accompanied by cash or payment that says “and I mean it“.

Can I be clearer than that? It’s a sucker’s game. It’s a game suckers play. If you are playing it, you are a sucker.

P.S. Facebook IS the cloud too.

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