In case you didn’t know, I’m a Linux user.

I have been using Linux since sometime in 1998-99. It all started after learning about Linux on a TV Network called ZDTV. There was a show on there called “The Screen Savers” that was for a time a great source of information on the current state of technology and how-to segments on using new technology. I got pretty excited at the prospect of an alternate OS. I had used Macintosh machines in college and was never impressed. They were particularly frustrating in their inability to multi task effectively. I was using Windows exclusively and acting as the IT admin at our small business and I knew the shortcomings involved in an all MSFT based network and server. So, anyhow, after the episode on Linux I ran out to the local CompUSA and picked up a boxed copy of Red Hat 5.2. My experience at that time with using Linux was not unlike many others; It was often difficult and not at all intuitive. My experience for the next couple years was hot and cold but I remained intrigued. One thing that kept me going was my acquisition of the Cobalt Qube, a wondrous little cube of a computer that ran Linux and performed a myriad of services and which for many years following, served the mail and web site for, and it did it flawlessly.

Jumping forward to 2009… Currently the same small business now runs entirely on Linux at the server level and 2 of the 5 desktop users are on Linux full time with the remaining 3 to be converted over this year. We even run our entire phone system from a modest $400.00 computer running Linux and Asterisk, an open source PBX software. I’ll never look back. We do not get infected with viruses. We do not have spy-ware infestations and we do not reinstall the OS every six months because it “starts getting sluggish”. Actually these machines regularly run without reboot for far longer than 6 months at a time. At one point we had machines with well over 500 days of up-time until a power outage outlasted our UPS and the machines shut down. One of the Linux desktop users now has 98 days on the up-time clock, that’s 98 days without a reboot, or even an application crash. It goes without saying, I am a fan.

So give Linux a try. There are almost endless resources available on the inter-web to get you started. I’m for the most part and Ubuntu user, but any of the major distro’s out there will do a good job. If your interested you can try it out risk free by just popping a CD of a “Live Version” in your CD drive and booting from the it. Linux will run and you will be able to use it right from the CD without affecting your current setup. It’s worth the experience.

More byte bits for Mikey.

yotta- – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michael this one is for you.

You are often asking about large amounts of storage, so you should enjoy THIS.

These got my attention today:

Wicked cool computer room. I want my own underground bunker.


You poor MSFT and IE users, when will you learn!?

And finally, this is funny if your a Debian fan:

Comic relief.

This cracked me up today.

Seti vs. FAH

I stopped doing SETI in 2005. Since then I have been running Folding at Home. I think the Folding project may prove more constructive. It seems more so anyway, particularly since my grandfather recently passed away with Parkinsons. for more info on Folding go to: the FAH site.

I’m currently a member of the “justlinux” team (#36480) and have racked up over 2.4m points. You can see my stats here: here.

Distributed computing is cool.



the (ext)Herman(ator)…

It had been far too long since we changed over the the stone bedding and cleaned out Herman’s container. So, with new stones at the ready and a temporary container standing by, Jeanette proceeded to effect the necessary capture.  A swift and unconfident snatch, grab and drop into the temporary container proved quite traumatic for Herman. Much to Jeanette’s horror, was her first eye witness account of a lizard feigning death. “Oh no I killed him!” she exclaimed. He did indeed seem done in. But I was determined to make the proper determination and upon careful examination I made a cheerful observation. He was only faking. So after acquitting Jeanette of her own murderous conviction, her heart rate receded and a few minutes later Herman was returned to his refreshed permanent home and given some small crickets to prey on.

Then, it being Saturday and having risen early for hockey, I promptly napped on the couch.

Our new site…

Ok, this is our new site. You all (J, M & B) can login and make posts.

We will put new pics and stuff up soon.

Have fun.

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