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BJH 2013 Season Picture

That’s a lot of hockey

I got into Big Red the other day after our 3rd hockey game of the weekend in as many states and noticed the odometer. Big Red has been with us for 10+ years of travel hockey; seven state championships, many dozens of tournaments, many hundreds of games, heart-breaks and triumphs, a few fender benders and countless hours of high quality family time. She has never once let us down. We hope she’ll be with us for a while longer.

Big Red

Ortley Beach 2012

Pics from our annual “Jersey Shore” week at Ortley Beach.

From Ortley-2012

RSP with JRH #2

This time we added a section of single-track. Good workout today.


RSP with Jeanette

Jeanette recently expressed some interest in checking out this mountain-biking thing, so I took her to RSP today. She did great and braved some rocky down-hill sections that were pretty technically difficult for a noob. Nice job baby.


European Vacation

We recently traveled to London, Venice, Florence and Rome. We took over 1000 pictures. You can see them all below, good and bad.

Boys at the Colosseum

And here is the whole album:

Vehicular Observations

We recently spent some time in England and Italy. We had fun admiring some of the vehicles we don’t get to see here in the U.S.


Something other than hockey.

We went to Killington with some friends for a long weekend.


These were in abundance in the cupboard at the house on Lake Conroe Drive.