My BitTorrent Sync Folder

You may not know what BitTorrnet is and if not, you won’t know what BitTorrent Sync is either. You can learn about if you like by going to their sites linked here.

I use BitTorrent often for certain things like downloading a Linux distribution ISO image or getting pod-casts I listen to or the latest MotoGP and other motorcycle races. I also use BitTorrent Sync to keep some of my folders synced across multiple computers (it works a bit like Dropbox).

One of the folders I keep synced is the folder where I keep all the latest torrents I’ve downloaded. If you are similarly interested, you can sync yourself up to that folder of mine by adding the following secret to your BitTorrent Sync client. Or you can scan the QR Code with your mobile device for use with the mobile client. Be aware there are many GB wort of files in there at any time and that may not be mobile friendly in your case.



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