More on less; privacy that is.

I’m not sure if I am overacting about this but this just makes me indescribably mad. Today on /. was an article about a speech given by the founder of Facebook in which he [Jowitt] states:

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook has said that people no longer have an expectation of privacy thanks to increasing uptake of social networking.

Given the recent actions of Facebook summarily altering all users privacy settings away from their defaults to a completely open setting, I must agree that Zuckerberg thinks we don’t expect privacy. What is so frightening is that there are plenty of people that will tow this line and resign their rights to their own privacy. These individuals, I trust, know not what they do. But in the end what they do is to pave the way for for our lawmakers to legislate away our rights because heck, we don’t want them anyway. Zuckerberg is myopic. Not all people use Facebook. Not all people that use Facebook discard the expectation of privacy and many people will never use Facebook because they cherish their privacy.

Is Zuckerberg educated beyond his intelligence or was early American history missing from his curriculum at Exeter and Harvard?

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