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This is my Mamaw

She is 93 years old and folding down my sheets for me. In the morning she will not remember who I am. I am trying to cherish these moments and commit them to memory. The pictures help.

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After more than thirteen years of watching this guy win, lose, draw, smile, cry, fight, laugh a lot, make lifelong friends and learn lots of great life lessons throughout… He ends a youth hockey career here as the AYHL U18 AAA League Champ! It has been a long and rewarding adventure. Now begins the college club and beer league phase and we will be there watching too. Mom and dad are proud of you buddy.


This is Mila. One of the first images made with the M Monochrom.

Papaw was a Scout


Baconfest 2017


Kaitlyn Graduated High School


Home Improvement – Cont…

We dug a hole, not quite to China…




RSP with BJH

Bradley and I went to RSP (the Mannor side) today for a walk and to shoot some pictures.

RSP-Tombstones-L9 (1 of 1)
RSP-TreeRedoC-L9 (1 of 1)
rspmannor (1 of 1)
falls (1 of 1)
bjh-falls (1 of 1)


I came into possession of this via my granddad. He made a label and taped it on; it read…

Large meteorite from solar system. 4.7 billion years old. Found in Arizona. Contents: iron & nickel.

meteorite (1 of 1)


MAHBJHPbw (1 of 1)

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