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Let’s just do what China does.

This article is maddening in so many ways, mostly because of the lack of common sense, but you just gotta love this comment by Senator Lieberman.

Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too.

Paul Joseph Watson goes on to properly point out:

As we have documented, the Chinese government does not disconnect parts of the Internet because of genuine security concerns, it habitually does so only to oppress and silence victims of government abuse and atrocities, and to strangle dissent against the state, a practice many fear is the ultimate intention of cybersecurity in the United States.

He’s right. Perhaps this rings a bell… Western China: The Internet is restored, but repression continues

Encryption is looking more relevant.

I have posted about our privacy rights before so this wont be protracted. But this NYT article by Charlie Savage really got me going. The thing that most frustrates me is that these reports of and these threats of the loss of our privacies are so material to our disregard for our rights.

On a technical note, the article speaks to law enforcements desire to have access at certain points along certain provider based services. This is an area where those providers may and in many cases likely will continue to bow to government pressure and relinquish that access to police powers. However we, as the users, the people, have our own tools we can use to maintain our privacy. If by chance you feel you have nothing to hide, fine. Exercise you rights anyway, lest you forfeit them by neglect.