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Gulf Coast in Infrared

Florida Workshop

I recently attended a workshop on the gulf coast in FL. Here are some of my favorite images. The cemetery shot was made with my Canon 6D converted to 850nm infrared taken in mid-day sun at 24mm. The beach scene was a 30 second exposure made after sunset. The pier is also 30 seconds taken just prior to sunset.

This is my Mamaw

She is 93 years old and folding down my sheets for me. In the morning she will not remember who I am. I am trying to cherish these moments and commit them to memory. The pictures help.

Portland Head Light

Here is a shot I made with my Monochrom at the Portland Head Light. It was great weather for making a dramatic image but not for being outside.


This is Mila. One of the first images made with the M Monochrom.


Papaw was a Scout




Baconfest 2017


Pine Meadow Lake