the (ext)Herman(ator)…

It had been far too long since we changed over the the stone bedding and cleaned out Herman’s container. So, with new stones at the ready and a temporary container standing by, Jeanette proceeded to effect the necessary capture.  A swift and unconfident snatch, grab and drop into the temporary container proved quite traumatic for Herman. Much to Jeanette’s horror, was her first eye witness account of a lizard feigning death. “Oh no I killed him!” she exclaimed. He did indeed seem done in. But I was determined to make the proper determination and upon careful examination I made a cheerful observation. He was only faking. So after acquitting Jeanette of her own murderous conviction, her heart rate receded and a few minutes later Herman was returned to his refreshed permanent home and given some small crickets to prey on.

Then, it being Saturday and having risen early for hockey, I promptly napped on the couch.

  1. Oh my gosh Honey! I just read this and it is cracking me up! You have a gift for writing and I love it! He totally scared the crap out of me!!! Lmao!!!

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